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Parking Rates

Please see our ST James Parking Portal to purchase your parking in advance!    
Weekdays 6:00am until Close  
Up to 1 Hour    $10.00
Over 1 Hour up to 2 Hours  $20.00
Over 2 Hours up to 3 Hours  $30.00
Over 3 Hours up to close  $40.00
Weeknights (Entering after 5:00pm until Close)  
Monday thru Friday  
Up to 1 Hour $9.00
Over 1 Hour up to Close $15.00
Weekends (Enter any time until Close)  
Saturday and Sunday  
Up to 1 Hour $9.00
Over 1 Hour up to Close $15.00
Motorcycles $12.00/day
Motorscooters $12.00/day
Regular Monthly Rate $470.00/Month
Reserved Monthly $675.00/Month
Please Check Facility Closing Hours.  
Sorry, Lost Ticket Pays Maximum Applicable Charge.  
There are 2 SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations located on P2 of the garage, at the top of the ramp. In order to start a charging session for your electric vehicle, please follow the instructions below.  
1. If you already have a SemaConnect Card*, simply wave the card next to the station’s RFID reader to begin your session. Remove the charging plug from the station and insert it into your vehicle’s charging port. This will activate your session. You will receive an email or text when charging is complete.  
2. If you do not have a SemaConnect Card, please have your credit card ready, and call SemaConnect (24/7) at 1-800-663-5633 to activate your session.  
3. You may also activate your session by installing the SemaConnect App (available for iTunes and Android) onto your smartphone.  

*To order a SemaConnect Card, please log-on to SemaConnect web site where you will be prompted to create your account. If you would like more information on the charging stations, please feel to contact the management office.

There is a complimentary bicycle tool station with tire pump. This is located on P1 by the bicycle racks. Please feel free to take advantage of this free amenity.  
Operated By:  
VPNE Parking Solutions
Yosief Woldegiorgis
Phone: 617-482-6613