10 St James Ave | 75 Arlington Street
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Tenant Forms

Tenant Handbook (Full PDF Version)

Billing Rates – These billing rates cover common services and related charges. Please contact the management office for a quote on any services not listed.

Contractor Access Form – Outside of normal business hours, a contractor access form must be submitted for all visitors and contractors who do not have a valid building ID. Access forms should be emailed to the distribution list on the form at least 48 hours prior to the requested access.

This same form may be used for freight elevator access, though it is important to note that freight elevator use is subject to availability. Tenants are encouraged to first call the management office and check availability before submitting this form.

Insurance Requirements – Contractor/Vendor – Building management requires proof of liability insurance for most contractors who perform work in the building. Since many tenants use the same contractors, you may wish to first contact the management office to confirm if a certificate is already on file.

Insurance Requirements – Tenant – Please refer to the terms of your lease.

Loading Dock and Freight Elevator Procedures and Policies – This document lists freight elevator dimensions and policies, as well as dimensions and policies for the loading dock.

Security Gate User Orientation Guide – Tutorial on how to pass through the security gates located in the lobby of 10 St. James Avenue.

Trash Stickers – Please contact the management office to request trash stickers. Trash stickers may be placed on building trash that does not fit into a standard trash basket. Charges for excess waste removal may apply.

Tenant Data Sheet – For each tenant, the management office maintains a tenant data sheet with updated contact information for company employees. This list may be updated by an authorized employee at any time.